Sunday, March 21, 2010

So Sore

We had our annual Alumni Basketball tourney the last couple of days. It is always a great time. Reliving the past, catching up with friends, playing some ball and realizing just how old and out of shape we really are now. Our team did pretty good this year and we ended up playing in the championship game, which we lost (and I hate losing). So that means that we played one game Friday night and three games throughout the day on Saturday.

So while it is always a great time playing it comes at a price. Those four games over the weekend sure take their toll. Let's see if I can list all of the parts of my body that are sore. My neck, my back, my arms, my quads, my calves are unbelievably tight, the balls of my feet and I have a couple blisters on the tips of my toes. But it is totally worth it.

When I got up this morning I sure wasn't feeling any looser. But I went on a nice and easy 2.75 miles run with Amy and I feel a lot better now. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to be plenty sore the next few days. I plan to spend the rest of day with my foam roller and doing some yoga, we'll see if it helps.

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Josh K said...

I think you're a little behind on this blog,lol.